Black & White Art

Ernst Billgren

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Born in 1957 in Stockholm .

Working and living in Stockholm . Went Valands art education, later became a teacher there. Sitting in the Royal Academy of Art . Has also taught at several art colleges in the North. His oeuvre is imbued with a desire to explore many techniques and possibilities. He uses including paintings, sculptures , mosaics , photography, performance art. Billgren treading often the boundary between visual arts and other arts : architecture, film , stage design , literature , etc. Now that many young Swedish artists interested in new technology and new media per se turns Ernst, apparently , to the materials inherent potential and traditional motifs. Some say that his art is an art for people's home , a kind of kitsch. I would call it that an outflow of a person who constantly thinks, that can not be taken into possession , but instead takes the reality of possession , which is independent.
He has done decorating in Solna , Stockholm-Arlanda, Heathrow and Kampintori in Helsinki. Other things on his merilista Board assignments, for example Konstfak , Image Arts , IASPIS and Thiel .

Black & White Art i Halmstad AB
Bryngelshusgatan 13
302 48 Halmstad