Black & White Art

Jens Hübner

Art by Jens Hübner

Technique Porcelain gypsum Dimensions 50x50 cm Homepage Number 1679


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Jens Hübner was born in 1978 in Gothenburg, grew up in Jönköping and since 1991 he lives in Halmstad.
Jens works as art manager at a Preschool in Halmstad and spend the rest of time painting in his studio . Jens uses in her art materials such as wood , linen , plaster and acrylic paint , but also of different materials such as crushed glass , iron, metal , paper, clay , stone and other things . The art is also found material collected during trips Jens made ​​; lava from Iceland, sand from Brazil , stones from Paris to name a few examples. So in each painting contained also a story in the material ; a history of travel, places and experiences . It is in these trips Jens downloaded not only materials but also their inspiration .

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