Black & White Art

Thomas Adamsson

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Born in 1961 in Stockholm

He grew up in an artist family.

Artistry moving innovation in a gentle journey through time with the starting point in the 1700s laver insertion art, tangential Chagall's melancholy, through organic rhythmic turns into dreamy eyes block against meetings across all boundaries ...

Without the final final destination

Thomas Adamson personal dream world want to face the viewer in several dimensions.
The viewer may decide when the work is completed.
The meeting takes place with you!

See the multiple eroticism. From spontaneous eye images in kolkrita to a cascade of animated coloring.

For the description of the artist's expression responds Arts and Antikvetare Frederike Ribbenson

Public art
IT company Gladius, Nacka. Wall 15 m2
Svartensgatan 7, Södermalm
Medusa, James Square
Aubergine Restaurant, Östermalm

Black & White Art i Halmstad AB
Bryngelshusgatan 13
302 48 Halmstad