Black & White Art

Yrjö Edelmann

Art by Yrjö Edelmann

Technique Giclée Dimensions 25x30 cm Homepage Number 1112

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1941 - 2016

The illusionistic painting that deceives the eye, which tricks us to see something that is not there , it is called with a technical term for tromp Loeil . The Greeks were the first who learned to master perspective , light and shadow , so that a three dimensional illusion was possible. An artist's skill is judged largely by the degree of illusion as he managed to accomplish.

In brief, this is what happens when Yrjö creates objects in paper; he folds , wrinkling , tearing stages. Sometimes he simply threw up pieces of paper in the air and let them fall to the floor . When the subject feels good, photographed it . The photo was then used as the basis for the paintings.

When Yrjö make a lithograph , he lays down a tremendous amount of work with the graphic designer . A lithograph is felt almost like monochrome - Monochrome - where he used the example 7-8 shades of blue, to even in the lithograph reach around the play of light with live highlights and shadows that are so characteristic of his painting.

Solo Exhibitions :

Black & White Art i Halmstad AB
Bryngelshusgatan 13
302 48 Halmstad